Paro Dzong in Paro

Photo of Paro Dzong in Paro,
Photo of Paro Dzong in Paro,
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Paro Dzong

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Another government building, this structure is the seat of local government in Paro. Internationally, it is best known as the location where scenes from the film "The Little Buddha" were filmed. This location is appropriate because Paro Dzong is considered the ideal Dzong, and its form is copied by other buildings across the country. Paro Dzong was originally built in 1646, but has been destroyed a number of times. Sometimes by fire; other times at the hand of earthquakes. There is one constant, though -- the Great Thangka. It's a scroll that is displayed for a few hours every year at the Paro Teschu festival. It is one of many artifacts kept at the Dzong's watchtower, which now serves as Bhutan's national museum.

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